ACAP History
The Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP) is a 501c-3 nonprofit organization. Development of the ACAP idea began in 1980, when accountants Mel Minnis, Boh Dickey and Ron Leveret became concerned about the small proportion of minorities from underrepresented minority groups entering the accounting field.

After recognizing that preparation for an accounting and business career should begin in the early years of junior and senior high school, they decided to design a pilot program that would promote ACAP’s mission to help underrepresented minority students realize the career opportunities available to them in accounting and other areas of business.

Residency Week
Residency week introduces the qualified participants to the accounting, business, economics and finance professions through an educational and dynamic curriculum involving accounting, business, economics and finance professionals, University of Washington faculty, business, government & community mentors, as well as ACAP alumni. The program is FREE to students.