Is admission competitive?

Yes, over the years admission has become more competitive as more students apply to ACAP. In an ideal world, we would accept all applied students; however, due to limited space we accept anywhere between 45-50 students depending on the applicant pool.

When are applications due?

Specific due dates are listed in the application. When sending applications by mail, please keep in mind the delivery time. Applications that arrive past the deadline will not be considered for admission.

Is there a minimum GPA?

No. ACAP’s residency week does not have a minimum GPA required to be accepted to the program.

Is there an application fee?

There is NO application fee. However, once accepted into the program there is a $25 reservation fee. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CHECKS WITH YOUR APPLICATION.

What if my application is incomplete? (i.e., missing personal essay)

Applications that are incomplete, are immediately rejected. We have a holistic approach to our admission process. Academic performance only shows one side of your story but we want to know more. We not only want to know what your story is in your own words but we also want to know who you are based on your letter(s) of recommendation.

One of the top reasons why students get rejected into our program is because their applications are incomplete. When submitting applications, please make sure that you have included all necessary components. We require three components that must be submitted: the application, a letter of recommendation, and a personal essay.

If you have any application questions, please email us at acapseattle@live.com

When will I hear back?

Admission announcements will be made on the date provided in the application. Please make sure you have given us accurate contact information.


Where is Residency Week held?

Residency Week is held on the University of Washington Seattle campus. Students will “live the life of a college student” for one week where they will stay in the dorms, attend lectures, and explore the UW Seattle campus.

How long is Residency Week?

Residency Week begins on Sunday night and goes through Saturday morning of that week. There will be an introduction orientation on Sunday night to both students and parents. The finale brunch will be held on Saturday morning where students may bring their family and friends.

How much does it cost to attend Residency Week?

Thanks to generous donations from various community businesses and individuals, ACAP does not cost students or their families at all. The week is all expenses paid for, this includes rooming, food, and activities.

However, there is a $25 reservation fee once students have accepted the offer to attend Residency Week.

What do I need to bring to Residency Week?

After we have received your confirmation to attend Residency Week, we will send out a list on what you will need to bring to prepare for the week. Typically, you should bring with you one formal business attire, casual clothes, business casual clothes, toiletries, etc. A more detailed checklist will be provided.